Frequency Asked Questions

Real Estate Tax

Do I have to apply for the Homestead exclusion every year?

No, once you are on the Homestead exclusion you do not have to reapply unless you change your deed or no longer use this property as your primary residence.

Is the Allegheny County Senior Citizen Tax Relief Program the same as to State Rebate?

No, Allegheny County Senior Citizen Tax Relief Program (Act 77) and the Pennsylvania Property Tax or Rent Rebate Program (PA 1000) are two separate programs. Please contact the Allegheny County Treasurer Office at 412-350-4100 for information on the Act 77 and 412-565-7540 for the PA 1000.

If I pay off my mortgage will my tax bill automatically be sent to me?

No, you must call the County at 412-350-4100 and update your address.

Does the Treasurer's Office take tax payments over the phone?

No, the Treasurer’s Office does not accept tax payments over the phone. However, you can pay your taxes on-line using our Easy Pay or in person in our office. We now except credit card in our office. 

How do I change my name on the deed?

The Allegheny County Real Estate Office handles owner name changes, please call 412-350-4226.  Please note, if any changes are made to the deed you must reapply for any programs (i.e., Homestead, Senior Citizen Tax Relief).

If my mortgage company sells my account will the County be notified.

No, you must inform the County at 412-350-4100 of any mortgage changes.

Dog License

How much is a dog license?

Yearly dog license $8.70

Senior Citizen / Disabled Person  $6.70

Lifetime License  (Permanent identification required)

Lifetime dog license  $52.70

Senior Citizen / Disabled Person  $36.70

How can I prove I’m disabled?

You should provide us with a copy of your Social Security Disability or SSI award letter.

What proof do I need to prove I’m a senior citizen?

Providing your date of birth is sufficient.

Do cats need to be licensed?


If I live in the City of Pittsburgh where do I get my license from?

Contact the City of Pittsburgh Treasurer’s Office at:

Address: 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: 412-255-2967


Where can I get my dog spayed/neutered affordably?

Please contact Animal Friends, the Humane Animal Rescue, or nearby veterinarians for discounts.

Firearm Licensing

Where do I apply for a Sportsman's Firearm Permit?

In Pennsylvania, all county treasurers offices can issue the permit to individuals that have a license to hunt, trap or fish or who has been issued a permit relating to hunting dogs. An individual that has a License to Carry does NOT need a Sportsman’s Firearm Permit to hunt with a lawful handgun as defined by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Allegheny County Courthouse, Licensing Division, Room 109, 436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15219

Where do I go for a gun permit?

Allegheny County Courthouse, Courtyard Room GH, Fifth Avenue entrance to the courtyard.