e-Billing: 4 Easy steps to subscribe

Step 1 – Search for your property

You can search by entering your address or parcel ID (lot/block).

Step 2 – Click eBill/ePay tab

This is the third tab called “TAX INFO eBILL / ePAY”.

Step 3 – Click to Subscribe

Please read the notice under the button and be sure to keep your email address updated.

Step 4 – Complete the form

This form links your email address to your parcel ID (lot/block).

Real Estate eBill Privacy Policy

When you sign up to receive real estate tax eBills, your personal information is not retained and your privacy is ensured when you visit our site. Any information that you supply when subscribing to eBill tax statements is also kept confidential in accordance with the law.

Information You Provide to Us

Allegheny County will not retain any personal information about you or your visit to our Internet site unless you have specifically authorized us to do so by subscribing to eBill tax statements. In cases where you have supplied us with information, we will treat such information in accordance with the requirements of the law. To the extent allowed by law, Allegheny County will make reasonable attempts to protect personal information from disclosure.

Unsubscribe Process

If you would like to unsubscribe from the eBilling program, you can do so by contacting us via phone, mail, email or simply by unsubscribing through any email you have received from the Treasurer’s office.

John K. Weinstein
Allegheny County Treasurer
108 Courthouse, eBill Department
436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Thank you for signing up for e-bill. Allegheny County Treasurer’s Office sends out an e-reminder 2 weeks prior to sending the e-bill, please add the address TreasurerE-BillDept to your list of contacts. The e-bills are sent the 1st week of February. 

April 30th

2% Discount

2% Savings

May 31st

Gross (Face) Tax


June 1st


 Penalty and Interest

Easy Pay


Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of Easy Pay for paying your county property taxes. Allegheny County has contracted with PAYMENTUS to offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to pay real estate taxes directly over the internet. You can pay for multiple properties in one transaction, so have your parcel ID (lot/block) numbers handy.

When paying online, your payment will appear on your statement as “Allegheny County RE Tax”.

Convenient ways to pay.

E-Check: FREE

The electronic e-check payment option is easy. Simply enter the routing number and account number found on your check, and it’s FREE to all taxpayers.

VISA Debit card: Varying Fee

The Visa Tax Payment Program allows a cardholder to use their Visa Debit card to pay their taxes. The service fee varies, some debit cards are charged a flat $3.95 fee, while other cards will be charged the same percentage as a credit card. Please check the FEE AMOUNT before authorizing your payment. The fee is collected by PAYMENTUS and will appear as a separate line item on your statement.

Credit Card/Online Payment: Percentage Fee

For credit card and online payments, PAYMENTUS charges the customer a service fee of 2.35% of the payment amount for this convenience.

Only use our website and our third-party vendor, PAYMENTUS, to make on-line payments.

On-line bill payers such as doxo.com are not affiliated with Allegheny County, possibly resulting in your property taxes not being paid. 

Why You Should Go Green

For every 38,500 paper documents:

1 ton

of paper is used

2 tons

of trees are destroyed

16,450 gallons

of water are used

1,941 pounds

of solid waste are generated

60 pounds

of air emissions are spewed out

5,058 pounds

of greenhouse gases are emitted

Electronic Bank Payment vs. ePAY

If you set up Allegheny County as a payee through your electronic banking, please make sure you reference your parcel ID (lot/block) number as the account number or memo line. This ensures that your payment will be applied correctly. This form of payment is similar to you mailing a check, except your bank generates and mails the check for you. If you use our FREE e-check payment through this website your account is credited when you pay. The county Treasurer’s Office no longer references the code and line number. Our updated tax system references your parcel ID (lot/block) number.

Erica Rocchi Brusselars, Allegheny County Treasurer

Allegheny County Courthouse, Room 108, 436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15219  |  PHONE: 412-350-4100