Alcoholic Beverage Tax

General Information

Every retail sale of Alcoholic Beverages, including mixed drinks, wine and beer (opened or unopened) are Taxable Transactions under law.

Paying the Tax

The Alcoholic Beverage Tax provides revenues to the County through a 7% addition to the cost of alcohol purchased within Allegheny County.  Under state law, County Treasurer Erica Rocchi Brusselars is the Tax Collector of all taxes levied in Allegheny County and responsible for the collection of this tax.

Pay Online

Quick and secure payment using Forte payment system.

Payment by Mail

Alcoholic Beverage Tax Payment Coupon and Instructions

Return monthly coupon along with check made payable to: Allegheny County Treasurer

Allegheny County Treasurer

Special Tax Division
P.O. Box 534085
Pittsburgh, PA 15253-4085

EXPRESS MAIL: (any mail that requires a delivery acknowledgment)
Allegheny County Treasurer
Special Tax Division
Room 217 – Courthouse
436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Monthly Collection Schedule

Monthly returns and tax remittance for revenues collected must be posted to the Vendor’s account BY THE 25TH OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH for which the return is being filed. Any payment received after the due date shall be subject to penalties and interest required by the Ordinance and may be subject to enforced collection and payment of Costs of Collection as permitted by applicable law.

Alcoholic Beverage Tax Revenue



or 877-893-7465

Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm except for holidays.


Responds next business day.

Payment must be posted by the

25th day

of the following month

Delinquent List

Liquor license holders who have failed to pay their monthly Alcoholic Beverage Taxes, despite attempts to collect the debt through phone calls and written correspondence, are placed on a published list of Delinquent Special Tax Accounts List. Vendors who intend to make a payment in full and want to be removed from this list should immediately contact the Special Tax Division toll free at 877‑893‑7465. Vendors may also pay online.

Civil Court Action

Unless Allegheny County is otherwise prohibited by law, a Vendor’s failure to pay the amount due will result in a civil complaint being filed in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, and judgment entered against the Vendor. Upon entry of judgment, the County may satisfy its judgment by selling the Vendor’s assets.  The Vendor will also be responsible for paying all penalties, interest and court costs.  The Vendor may also be subject to criminal prosecution, including fines and/or imprisonment.

All the information on this web page is public information.  A written explanation of your rights with regard to an audit, appeal, enforcement, refund and collection of local taxes can be found in the Local Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Act 53 Pa.

Erica Rocchi Brusselars, Allegheny County Treasurer

Allegheny County Courthouse, Room 108, 436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15219  |  PHONE: 412-350-4100